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When you need personalized travel services, when you need a travel specialist, or when you need an answer that would be best served by a travel expert, you can count on the 15,000+ travel professionals listed at Official Travel Directory to deliver!

With an average of 8 years in the travel industry, OTD agents can SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY on most any travel, from budget weekend getaways to luxurious world cruises!

WAIT!!! Did we say "SAVE" money? By using a travel agent? Absolutely - and I bet you thought using a travel agent cost you more, right?

It has been proven time and time again that you do not save money, and, in most cases, actually pay more - up to 30% more - when you do your own vacation arrangements.

Why? A travel professional has access to resources that you do not - resources that provide better pricing, more availability, and more added amenities than any consumer-available options. Travel agents have preferred relationships with certain suppliers which gives them advantageous pricing and / or amenities that bring lower costs and more benefits to consumers.

But, no one travel agent or agency, or even group of agencies, has these type of relationships with EVERY travel supplier. That's where Official Travel Directory comes in!

With Official Travel Directory, you have all the Travel Specialists YOU need - in one place - right here on your desktop, laptop, or with our mobile website, you can find the right services for your needs across town, across the country, or anywhere in the world!

Official Travel Directory is the largest online and mobile search site bringing together professional travel agents with hundreds of different travel specialties, and destination expertise, in one place! You can search our website at home, at the office, or on the go!

A world of knowledge & experience at YOUR fingertips! Showcasing travel specialists in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, but including agents and specialty suppliers from around the world.

If you are looking for a specific type of travel, a certain tour operator or cruise line, or want to travel to just about any destination on Earth, chances are you will find a travel specialist here with the knowledge that can make your trip the best for you!Official Travel Directory Globe

The experienced  Travel Specialists listed in Official Travel Directory can help you have a more enjoyable trip - by pointing out the best, safest, and most cost effective way to take that trip based on YOUR needs and budget! 

A professional travel agent has the knowledge, experience, contacts, technology and information available to them that can help travelers find their best worldwide travel values, whether traveling for pleasure or business!  

A service built on REAL expertise!

If It's travel related - we want to have it for you at OTD! We do have over 120,000 YEARS of cumulative travel knowledge! If you can't find it here, I, and my dedicated team of travel experts, will find it for you - just ask!
- Peter E Coloyan, Sr., 35+ Year Travel Industry Veteran
Publisher, Official Travel Directory 

Email us at You can ask any travel question, suggest new sections, new categories and new services to make OTD the ONE travel site for YOU! We are always looking to update and upgrade our site to be the best for all travelers. Official Travel Directory is constantly evolving - let us know if we have met your expectations! 

NOW AVAILABLE: Bid A Trip - With ONE submission, get up to 5 competing quotes for your Ocean Cruise, River Cruise, International Airfare, Vacation Package or Escorted Tour!

Our newest addition is Bid A Trip (TM), which saves even more time for you when seeking the best value for a specifics detailed vacation. In other words, if you know exactly what you want and when you want to travel, one submission of our Bid A Trip (TM) form will provide you with comprehensive offers from up to 5 specialists!

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