Thank you Jadd Fong Travel

I have utilized the services of Jadd Fong twice in the last couple of months.  They were so good the first time - I had to come back.  I was scheduled to travel to a destination without an international airport, and needless to say, it was incredibly difficult to get flights.  However, John at Jadd Fong worked with me, constantly monitoring flights, to make sure that I not only got to my destination, but I did so at a cost that was reasonable.  I know there are lots of online services you can use to book flights, but nothing beats having a live person to talk too - a person who understands both your needs and concerns, and is more than willing to help.  I will use them again, and again.  Thanks Jadd Fong, see you when I'm planning to travel again!!!!!!!!

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22 Jun 2016

By Kathleen, S