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Providing Home Based Travel Agents With Everything They Need To Succeed Top 10 Reasons to Become a Travel Agent with AARC as your Host Agency 1. Travel Agent School Why reinvent the wheel.... let us teach you how to become a travel agent. Our training is ongoing with: Webinars, Blogs, E-Training, Training Websites, DVDs, Annual Conference and Seminars at Sea. Our travel agent training on becoming a travel agent includes: •How to book Airlines, Hotels, Cars, Tours, Vacation Packages & Cruises •How to find clients •How to sell to groups to make Really BIG Bucks •How to find groups •How to do fundraising for charity groups •How to close the sale •Letters of introduction, lead sources, marketing ideas and techniques •How to get repeat sales, year after year. Our travel school allows you to become a travel agent in less than one week. There are no tests or exams to take. We also have a great travel agent school blog that has additional FREE travel agent training classes on demand. 2. Travel Agent Technology When you become one of our home-based travel agents you will receive cutting edge technology like: Agent net, Cruise Center, VAX, TRAMS Client Base and Client e-Marketing. 3. Consumer Web Site. Your website booking engines will allow your customers to book Airlines, Cars, Cruises, Hotels and Vacation Specials online 24/7. Your clients will see all the latest travel specials. You will enjoy the benefits of a fully maintained, content rich website without the time and expense associated with building, hosting, administering and updating a web site. Sample Website 4. Client Leads and Marketing. We will show you how to get hundreds and hundreds of potential new clients interested in: Cruises, Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, South Pacific, Honeymoon, All Inclusive Resorts, South America and more! Just become a travel agent with AARC. 5. Earn Higher Commissions... up to 90% When you become a home-based travel agent you will start by receiving 70% of all commissions earned. If you're annual gross commissions exceeds $15,000. per year you will receive 80% of all commissions earned in the upcoming year. If your annual gross commissions exceed $30,000 per year you will receive 90% of all commissions earned in the upcoming year. 6. Cost Savings AARC host agency bears the cost of industry certifications and membership cost like: CLIA, NACTA, OSSN, ARTA, IATAN, TRAMS, Vacation.com, Nexcite and Passport online. We bear the cost of state compliance laws and state surety bonds. We also bear the cost for technology like: Agent net blocked cruise space, Passport Online marketing, agent booking engines, client base marketing, travel agent school and website hosting with client booking engines. This saves our home-based travel agents thousands of dollars each and every year. 7. GREAT Travel Deals and Vacation Specials Our home-based travel agents have access to our exclusive vacation packages and cruise deals. This allows you to sell vacation packages and cruises for less to your friends, co-workers, and clients, yet still make sizable commissions for yourself. You can access our agent only website for the newest travel specials and book them online 24/7. 8. The CRUISE CENTER You will have access to all our blocked cruises and can book reservations on our travel agent only web site from your home computer. You can quickly search this inventory by departure date, cruise line, ship name, itinerary, departure port, group name and option date to find a recommendation or match to your client's requests. 9. No Start up Cost Other host agency's charge up to $5,000 to join them. There is NO start up cost with our Host agency. As a member of AARC Host Travel Agent Network, you can Earn Lots of Extra Income - working FT or PT, enjoy Fantastic Travel Benefits and an independent lifestyle working right out of your home office. NOTE: You will be handling thousands of dollars of people's cash and credit cards. Because of this, you are required to be bonded as travel agent. The cost of this bond is $600 per year (payment plans avalilable). 10. Support AARC (Agent Access Resource Center) provides personal mentors to help you grow your travel business. We are only an e-mail, phone call or fax away. We have helped hundreds and hundreds of people become home-based travel agents and start their own online travel agency.


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