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Hi, my name is Dan Smith, representing DK1 Travel. We are a full service discount travel agency dedicated to serving your needs and providing you with an experience of a lifetime. Travel has many many little details and pitfalls that if not attended too, can cause big problems along the way. Escpecially if you are planning a once in a lifetime event, like a wedding or a honeymoon. It's important to have someone in your court. Someone you can depend on should you need them. Someone who's main concern is YOU. Let me give you an example. I booked a family vacation for a client of mine. Because of their schedule they had a very tight window. I warned them that when the plane got in, they would have to hustle to get to the car rental desk before they closed. It was a Saturday night. It was after hours. I checked on the flight while it was in the air. It was late. They weren't going to make it. I immediately called the car rental desk and informed them of the situation and requested that they wait so my clients with 2 young children weren't stranded in an unfamiliar city at midnight. Then I called the hotel to reconfirm, and let them know that the travelers would be late, but would be there, so their room wasn't given away. My clients never knew that I made those calls. But they would have known if I didn't make them! If you are planning a honeymoon or wedding or even a special vacation, you only get one shot. You need someone you can trust. Someone who's been there. A picture on a website doesn't tell you anything. Most bad reviews are written by people who did NOT use an agent. Don't let that happen to you. Our service is free to you and we absolutely guarantee that we will book your honeymoon or vacation for less than you could have. No one can book a trip for less, and that includes the do-it-yourself on line agencies. Give me a call 877-578-8785. Check out my website. But don't book your trip until we talk, because we will discount the prices, even on our own website. We look forward to being there for you, and serving your needs, and earning your business. Bon Voyage!


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