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New Delhi, India

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SITA Tours - 77 Years of Worldwide Vacation Experiences

SITA Tours VacationsWith over seven decades of experience, SITA World Tours is one of North America's most reputable Tour Operators. Recognized for its highly experienced staff and customized programs, SITA was named by National Geographic Traveler as a top 5 Tour Operator in the publication's 20th Anniversary edition (October 2004).

SITA provides unparalleled quality service, as a preferred Tour Operator for exotic destinations. With internationally certified specialists ready to serve clients daily, customer care is elegantly handled from the peaks of Patagonia to the palaces of India.

Destinations Include:

• Africa
• Australia and New Zealand
• China and the Orient
• India
• South America
• Greece
• European and Russian River Cruises

Travel Preferences Available:

• First Class, Deluxe, or Luxury
• Customized and Tailor-made
• Leisure, Business, or Corporate Travel
• Independent Travel
• Groups
• Air Fares 
SITA North America Office Locations:

• Los Angeles
• New York
• Houston
• Chicago
• Toronto
• Vancouver
SITA International Office Locations: